Online I'm a Giant (parthenia14) wrote in fannish_parents,
Online I'm a Giant

On being grown-up and a closet fan

I just came across this community from a meta list. I was interested in how people reconcile the two parts of life. My interest in Harry Potter is hardly a secret to my family - but the depth and breadth of my, er, love is pretty well hidden. That is, I can answer trivia questions on the first five books with breathtaking ease -that's OK. But confessing my addiction to 50-part Harry/Draco NC-17 epics posted on Livejournal - can't do it.

At the moment I just keep everything separate. We have little separate areas on the computer, and I'm the main user. But I bookmark stories and recs. so that I don't lose them and from time to time I do worry that either my son or my husband is going to stumble over the links and be totally squicked. DH is fairly understanding but I doubt he'd get it. He doesn't get chick flicks either. How do other people deal with this? The fanfic love that dare not speak its name?
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