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Adventures in Parenting for Fans and Other Interested Parties

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4/13/05 10:39 am - jedi_penguin - Kid friendly fic sites

I came up with this list for helpinghands, but think it should be cross-posted here as well.

all_agesCollapse )

4/11/05 09:17 am - jenna_thorn - DVD commentaries

Cross-posted to my own journal…

Rainy weekends make for movie days and since we’d just watched the Incredibles again, it was time for a Mommy movie and I pulled Fellowship of the Ring out of the DVD closet of doom. Bear (almost five) grabbed my arm and said, “Okay, we can watch it, but only if we watch the movie and not the people talking” and made a Very Stern Face at me. So yes, we watched the movie and not the commentaries.

Everyone’s a critic.

3/18/05 11:57 am - ginnytonnick - Crafty fandom parents...

I just wanted to link to a friend of mine. She's a quilter, it's the business she's just started up. But one of the quilts she does is for Spider-Man, and it's rather adorable. So I thought I'd pass on to those that might enjoy a look.

A sample of Spin's Shalee Creations.

3/2/05 11:03 pm - volare

Highschooler William Poole's zombie story got him arrested for terrorism threats... what about our kids?Collapse )

2/11/05 07:29 pm - aubrem - Hold your little ones close

A little girl I know, the seven year old niece of a good friend, is in the hospital with spinal meningitis. Apparently it "doesn't look hopeful." She's such a sweet and kind little girl, an only child. This just breaks me up. It happened very quickly, just this morning.

Anyway, give your little ones extra hugs and kisses tonight.

2/3/05 09:26 am - tangletoy - *waves*

During Playhouse Disney, they've been playing short alphabet videos done by They Might Be Giants. Does anyone know if this is an available CD, because I'm not finding anything on the Disney site, and Amazon is being unhelpful. I'd love to have this CD, because Kidz Bop makes me gag.


2/2/05 10:18 pm - perlee_grace - Hi and an introduction...

Hi everyone! I am so glad I found this community, it's right up my alley! I found it in a roundabout way via daily_snitch, flyingcarpet and magnolia_mama. I'm a working mom, married, and have an 8-year-old daughter (aka DD) and a 3-year-old son (aka DS). Life is certainly an adventure with those two...so I'm very happy to talk about parenting issues. Right now we're working on toilet training for DS and gifted/talented issues for DD.

I became interested in the Harry Potter fandom a few months ago thanks to DD. I'm a closet Remus fangirl and ship Remus/Sirius mainly, though I'm not averse to Remus/Tonks. I read mostly, though I'm trying to write a bit as well. (After kids are in bed of course. And long after I should be in bed too.)

I am so glad to see that there is a list of kid-friendly fanfic recs in the works. That had been my initial focus in entering the HP fandom in the first place, trying to find stories suitable for DD to read while waiting for the next HP installment (less than 6 months to go, yay!). I've found some that I might let DD read, though they're few and far between. I've found others that I think would be suitable for young teens too. Only within the HP fandom though, I can't speak for others. (Though for me such a rec list raises a question: what exactly defines "kid-friendly", aside from a G/PG (sometimes PG-13) rating?)

Glad to meet you all!

2/2/05 08:30 pm - tweedisgood - Intro and *waves* to jedi_penguin

Not sure how much I will be able to contribute, but...employed mum of two boys aged nearly 16 and nearly 14 - the older one has his own Internet access so needing to keep an eye there, though he mostly just wastes time with Webcomics and at GAFF - where we occasionally brush by each other with veiled domestic snark!

Giles fan (hooray), also ex-K/Ser and gen Trek fic and interested in Stargate SG1, Highlander and a few others in a non-participatory way.

All the family know I read and write fic - older son has read all my sub-R fics. We discuss fic, both good and bad (he can spot a Sue on sight, and has roleplay fun hunting them down at GAFF) and fandom issues. He likes Jetwolf's BtVS season 8.

Occasionally wonder if any of this will ever get back to school or other parents, but probably not, as parents in general are patently uncool subjects of conversation. Slightly more concerned that he is setting up an RP forum with a buddy where they will explicitly have "no fixed morality". Hope, and have commented already, that they keep fantasy and reality good and separate...

2/2/05 10:43 am - jedi_penguin - Kid friendly fics

I've been encouraged to see here that I'm not the only parent who struggles with sharing my interests with my daughter. I'm always on the lookout for kid-friendly HP fanfics and seldom find them. Luckily, flyingcarpet has put out a rec list for just such stories, and I see from the comments that someone is trying to create an entire archive of fics appropriate for six to twelve year old children. This makes me happy!

2/1/05 12:50 am - masteralida - Oh, hooray!

A community for those of us who aren't quite the 'average' soccer mom ;)

I have a 12 year old daughter who was pretty much raised in fandom, even though my husband is, bless him, as mundane as they come.

I am primarily into Star Wars, but read HP, SG-1, Firefly, and more. My daughter roleplays with me now and then when we meet with our group live, but she also has her own roleplays going on elsewhere (POTC and Phantom of the Opera) and writes fanfic and original fic to the point I'm afraid for the future of our forests... she carries her notebooks with her everywhere.

I'm happy to talk about parenting, and I tend to focus on working with gifted children and how to keep them interested in school.

I do save what smut writing and reading I do for after she's in bed and make sure she's kept out of certain areas of the art show at cons (there are some things that have scarred ME for life!).

And if this is disjointed, it's because I meant to be in bed an hour ago :-D
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